First launched in 2004, the Mythic family of hematology analysers has become the flagship of our Swiss hematology company, Orphee. Simplistic in design, out compact Mythic analyzers feature superior technology offering unsurpassed TRUE 5-DIFF diagnostic performance, unstoppable raliability and unmatchable cost savings.

TRUE 5-DIFF, up to 50 samples/hr
24 parameters
Low sample volume 15,7 μl

3-DIFF, 60 samples/hr
20 parameters
Low sample volume 9,6 μl

TRUE 5-DIFF, up to 50 samples/hr
24 parameters
Low sample volume 18,7 μl

3-DIFF, 60 samples/hr
18 parameters, cat, dog, cattle, horse
Low sample volume < 9,6 μl

TRUE 5-DIFF, 60 samples/hr
28 parameters
Low sample volume 15,6 μl


  • New system of counting heads, which can be dismantled without any tools.
  • All the fluidics of the instrument has been simplified, using manifold systems, to reduce the length of tubing inside the machine, reducing the risk of clogging.
  • New patented sampling module.
  • New patented syringe module.
  • The innovative optical detection system is covered by four patents.
  • This technology (called OCHF for Optical Cytometer Hydrofocus Free) is based on an unique and innovative concept of an active sample flow and a passive sheath.
  • The sample flow is introduced in the flow cell under pressure and the sheath is only dedicated to maintain it.
  • This principle enables to introduce a large quantity of sample and to use a great dilution rate (which allows to do the Hemoglobin measurement with the same dilution).
  • Leading-edge technology protected by 7 patents.
  • New patented flow cell ensures better differentiation of 7 WBC populations, higher throughput and allows to measure very fragile cells.
  • Bigger injector contruction avoid clogging ensure high level of reliability, less maintenance and decrease number of errors in the result.
  • Dynamic Clustering automatically defines the cell populations areas at each run.
  • To provide Individualized results for every patient.
  • Ensure testing samples up to 24 hours from the collection.
  • Native cells measurement
  • Single Cell Flow
  • OnlyOne Lyse
  • No additional Baso channel
  • LED Based Flow-Cytometry Optical Bench
  • Clear separation of 5 different WBC populations
  • The five part diff is obtained by the optical matrix analysis after action of the lytic reagent (patented), which:
    • destroys the RBC and their stromas,
    • composes an oxyhemoglobin complex and protects the white blood cell membrane to keep it in closed native state.
    • ensure excelent 5-diff separation by shifing neutrophiles right for basophiles separation and eosinophiles left for neutrophiles separation

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